Monday, October 15, 2012

Sometimes I wish I had a rewind or pause button.

Wow. Slack on the updates, much?

Funny how the days blend together and all of a sudden a week is gone by. And then another. I guess not working does that to you. It doesn't matter if it's Tuesday or Friday.

I make no apologies. I've been enjoying every moment with my little guy. It just so happens he's not so little anymore. My once 2.5lb baby boy is now a whopping 15lbs 3oz. The little bean has been with us for 7.5 months, even though he should only be celebrating 5 months. 

I've been thoroughly enjoying my time off with NJ.  I am very fortunate I won't be going back to work until May 2. Though I still have just about 7 months, I am already dreading it. 

I visited a friend tonight who just had a little baby boy. He was 9lbs 1oz when he was born a few days ago. He looked SO little. And NJ was so much smaller.

It's scary how quickly time passes and you're too busy living life to realize it. 

Knowing that NJ is likely the only little munchkin I'm going to have, I savor every single moment with him.  The good, fun, and silly times. But also the not-so-fun times, too. When he scowls and narrows his eyes - he has seemingly already perfected the teenage "you are the stupidest person on the planet" look. I even love his wiggily fussy time when he's sleepy.  As excited as I am that my little 2.5lb baby boy is growing strong I am in disbelief at how quickly it is all flying by. I'm already mourning the bins of 0-3 month clothing he has grown out of and the 3-6 month pile that will soon join them. 

I'm reminded of something a friend once shared about her little girl. She just said that she loved every new stage. Every age seemed like the *best* age. Her little girl got older and the 'best' age happened to be whatever her current age is. 

And right now, unequivocally, 7.5 months (ahem...5 months) has to be it.

October 2012


  1. That sounds like a CO comment if I ever heard one! NJ is adorable... If I were brave enough to fly to NS with the kids, I would just so they could meet.

    1. Ah, you know our CO well! Wouldn't a visit be wonderful?! One day, my beautiful Texan, we'll make the journey to you!

  2. It totally just keeps getting better. Now that we're talking about another one I keep thinking "ugh, go back to a 3 month old again? Go back to an 8 month old again?" even though at the time I LOVED having a 3/8 month old. I hope I do enjoy it as much the second time round, and that knowing how awesome the next phase is won't ruin things.

  3. Well currently 4 1/2 IS THE BEST! :) So glad your are enjoying everything about being a mom - even the bad stuff is amazing isn't it??