Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NJ's Nursery

I've had numerous requests to post pictures of NJ's nursery. We've since added a bright green laundry basket and a bright blue garbage can, but otherwise - here it is! We finished this while he was still in the NICU. Despite the stress we were going through at the time, it was lots of fun to get the room ready for him!

And the biggest question - the shelves! My husband made them (I should probably post a how-to for those interested). I think they look fantastic. I expect in the coming years the books may end up scattered on the floor and the shelves will become race-tracks for dinkies.


  1. It's a beautiful nursery! I love love LOVE the books wall! I wanted to do that for Mila, but my husband refused because he's paranoid and thinks she'll just drop all the books on herself. I've yet to get her a bookshelf because of it! I'm still hoping he'll come around.

  2. p.s - your 'capcha's are too hard! I had to try around 10 times... Let's see how long this one takes. lol

  3. Aww thanks! I think we're moving the shelf above the change table because my husband is afraid the stuff on the shelf is going to catapult off and land on the baby. So there's going to be some minor room adjustments...but still essentially the same! :) Silly husbands.