Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Up your ziggy with a wah wah brush..."

(Bonus points if you get the humour in my title without the aid of Google)

Tomorrow our local transit goes on strike.

Over 96,000 users will have to find alternate transportation around the city and more specifically onto our already overcrowded downtown peninsula. This will make for near-impossible parking, expensive parking for those who can find it, and ridiculously long commutes for everyone.

The last time there was a transit strike was in 1998. They were on strike for six weeks. Six weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but it certainly feels long for those having to juggle schedules and figure out alternative arrangements. Six weeks will bring us to March 15. In six weeks I’ll be nearing THIRTY-TWO weeks pregnant. In six weeks my dad will only have two weeks left of work before he retires. Six weeks is almost Easter. 

I tend to tangent. Right. The strike. 

What are my alternate plans?

Well, in fine internet form I found a guy online through a local ride-share listing who travels from my neighbourhood to the downtown. Sound slightly sketchy? Sure. But I checked him out (I’m thorough like that) and there will be a number of us (women!) travelling together.  And his wife is pregnant (which for some reason makes me feel better).  In any case, it means I have transportation to and from work until this fiasco ends.

Also, completely unrelated…

This child continuously trying to escape through my belly might be the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. Every time I feel a jab I picture the little tyke charging ahead while yelling “To infinity and beyond!”

Simmer down, Buzz, simmer down. 


  1. Oh it gets better... there will be times when you really think that the baby might actually break through. Mine does somersaults regularly.. at 33wks, they are a bit uncomfortable, but still cool to watch. Be sure to video some of the movement later on... it's totally cool to freak your single/childless friends out with.. LOL

    Good luck with the strike! Poor Austin is desperately trying to catch up in that area... we are failing miserably though.

  2. Hells yeah Strike! I love that quote...but shitty to the actual strike.