Tuesday, January 3, 2012

tiny human update.

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. For some reason this Christmas I felt completely ill-prepared. But. It's over for another year. I had a wonderful (albeit busy) visit at home with my parents, family, and friends. It was a typical whirlwind holiday visit in seven days (and throw in a wedding to boot!). But it was nice to see everyone.

Ah, baby update! Yes. I'm totally being one of those. I'm generally keeping things relatively quiet about all things baby IRL. Except to my mother. Who is possibly more excited than me and hubs combined. So if you're completely disinterested in baby-happenings...Happy New Year! You need not read on.

Had my first (and likely only) ultrasound on December 22 (I was 19 weeks 3 days). It went relatively well. The ultrasound tech kept questioning what my due date was because apparently the baby was measuring on the smallish side. I briefly explained that I was charting, so I know my exact due date (appreciating of course that babies arrive whenever the hell they want). So if the baby was measuring small it wasn't because of an off-date, but rather a small baby. She had me quite worried at the time until I looked up the normal range for weight at 19-20 weeks and the baby is just measuring on the smaller-end of normal. Which isn't shocking when you consider both me and hubs are 5'4 and aren't large people (hubs was a size 6X until he was in grade eight or nine). But still made me nervous. I have my normal check-up appointment with my doctor this Friday where we'll review the ultrasound as well as my serum testing (they test for Downs, etc.). I'm hoping we don't have a repeat of my 18-week appointment.

To back track...my 18-week appointment was on December 12. It was the first appointment that hubs wasn't able to attend. The highlights of the appointment:

- I couldn't pee into that damn cup because I had peed multiple times beforehand. I drank a TON of water hoping I'd be able to pee in time, but alas. I could not.
- My doctor weighed me and exclaimed I had gained TEN pounds in four weeks. I was floored and couldn't figure out why. We chatted about it and she couldn't figure it out either. But she did indicate if I had a similar jump at my next appointment that we'd have to consider sitting down with a dietician to see what the problem was. I was beyond STRESSED about this. The following day I had a voicemail left on my machine at home. Apparently her scale was broken and she thinks I actually gained ONE pound instead of TEN.  Which would make a total of 4.5 lbs in 18-weeks. A little more palatable.
- My blood pressure has fortunately increased a little bit since my prior visit (my blood pressure has been very low), but was still very much on the low-end.
- I lie down to hear the baby's heartbeat and she exclaims "Wow - you're uterus is incredibly high for 18 weeks." She proceeds to prod about and ponders "Maybe it's twins..."
- She measures my uterus placement (saying "I never do this until at least 20-21 weeks) and exclaims I'm measuring about 2.5-3.5 weeks ahead.

Of course, not a horrible appointment at all (the baby's heart beat was great and the little girl/guy was swooshing about), but still  somewhat stressful.

Needless to say I was thrown for a loop when at my ultrasound the tech indicated the baby was measuring small. Weird.

I honestly feel like I need to be on a need-to-know-basis. If it requires immediate action and you are certain of the severity of the information, by all means, share with me. Otherwise you are just causing unnecessary stress.


Less than 19 weeks to go...


  1. Hahaha oh man, I could go on and on about all the crap my doctors/ultrasound techs have said I think just to get a rise out of me. I'm already a worry-wart... I don't need any help with things to worry about! :p

    11 weeks to go... we can do it! hehe

  2. Damn right, girl! Throw in my random fainting spells (apparently due to the low blood pressure) and being a FTM and I'm a little strung out. And it generally takes a lot to really ruffle my feathers and get me on edge. *sigh* We'll get through it, though, RIGHT?! Ha ha.

  3. Doctors suck! Just relax, know that your body was built for this, trust yourself to know what to do and it will all be fine!! :)