Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy life = quiet blog.

Wow – what a fall! I can’t believe it is December already. And not just because it’s +10 here today.

It feels like it has been one thing after another. Which I realize is the same tune I sing on a regular basis. I always expect life will slow down at some point. Then reality comes and slaps me in the face.

Work has been exceptionally busy this fall. We threw in two extra events in late September that required coordination…this of course coincided with coordination of our HUGE event(s) in November (remember – four provinces in four consecutive days?! Yeah. That one.). 
Throw in a visit from BOTH sets of parents.
A baby announcement.
Christmas shopping for hubs family (had to send with parents when they left in late October).
Blood work. 
Lots of (unpaid!) overtime.
Doctor appointments.
Travelling for work. Multiple times.
A trip to St. John’s.
More blood work.
A cold that totally kicked my ass (DRUGS! I wanted DRUGS!). 
And now, of course, Christmas.

And hubs volunteered us to host his work Christmas party.  I have TWO Christmas events for my office (which I not only attend, but plan and execute). And of course the regular stress of completing all the Christmas stuff – baking, gift shopping (I’m mostly done, but have a few small things to pick up), and prepping to go home for the holidays (Solo. Boo.). Ah, right…and then there’s that whole being-in-a-wedding-while-I’m-home.  Yeah. The whole reason I have to actually go home this year. Right…and the whole baby-thing.  

Wow. I am seriously rambling.  And whining. All things considered it’s a pretty lucky list of complaints.

Speaking of lucky…December 22 we go for our ultrasound! We finally get to see the little critter.  Because I’m not high-risk they will not tell you the gender and more importantly…I discovered recently they also won’t let you have any pictures (or take any recording devices/cameras/cellphones). If you’re on the high-risk floor you have the option of getting pictures (sometimes they make you pay for them). The frustrating part is they actually have to TAKE the pictures anyway because that’s the purpose of the visit. Not a huge deal, I know, but a minor disappointment.

We got our first baby gift from my girlfriend this week. Actually, it’s our first real baby item in general as I haven’t even purchased anything myself, yet.

Still feeling great. I was fortunate to forego morning sickness altogether. Not really showing, yet. At least not obviously. I feel a little fluffy/bloated, but more I-got-lost-on-the-way-to-the-gym and ate too many doughnuts than wow-I’m-carrying-a-tiny-human.


  1. I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!

    Is your hospital a Catholic hospital? I know in my small town they won't tell you the gender/let you take pictures because it's Catholic. But how disappointing.

    OMG you're carrying a tiny human!!! :D

  2. Nope. Not a Catholic hospital. There's only one children's hospital here. But, it's just a health district policy, apparently. I think the bs they spewed a few years ago was that it could take an extra two (2!) minutes to determine gender and they didn't want to extend any appointments. The printing a picture thing makes no sense, though. I'm sure they have similar reasoning (it probably takes an extra second to hit "print"). The weird thing is that they'll do both on the high risk floor (you have to pay for a picture, but really not a big deal), but otherwise you're SOL.

  3. I LOVE that bassinet! It is gorgeous! They wouldn't tell us the gender or give us a picture either. I remember being really sad about the picture thing at the time but I'm not now so I guess i nthe end it didn't matter. :)